January – Hong Kong

The start of a new Solar Calendar Year, the end of the Lunar Calendar Year.

Goodbye Christmas Tree – The scaffolding is just as impressive

Early January – Heading to Lamma Island for Work.

On the Boatride over

Arrival at the quaint Lamma Island

Jurassic Park-Style

Community Meeting 1 – the design of the future Lamma Quarry (website: http://www.ex-lammaquarry.hk/)

Prepping for the big event

Posters designed by colleagues from work

Getting ready

And the event begins.

Reminds me of moderation class in grad school

Good turnout

End of the day

One of those was our restaurant

And this was our food (courtesy of another colleague)

(yet another)

Hong Kong’s DADA equivalent evening, good Drum & Bass

Amelia swung by, dinner at the Brickhouse

Goodbye luch

Daily life at the office – crossing the bridge

View from the other side

Week 2: Site visit in New Territories – Idols left on the street

The neighborhood we walked through (pedestrian-friendly?)

Rust and Decay. Big change from the ritz of HK Island

I liked the colors

Mirella came to visit – at Carnegie’s (1-HKD beers!)

Week 2 – Community Engagement #2 at Lamma Island

View of the ICC from the docks

On the boat

I can get used to this, any day

Arrival at Lamma

No cars allowed.

Community meeting 2, again, good turnout

On our departure

Lippo Building – HK

Korean Dinner Night in Park Island, Mawan Island

Another day in Festival Walk, no trees, just a maze of stairs….

Another set of stairs in the building…. seen from above.

Chicken Hot Pot Dinner with the Office

Chicken Hot Pot

Fun quick read – Part of the New Years resolution

Admirality Station

Foster’s Building in the Background

Pick your Facade

Elevated Walkway, Central

HK Government Offices

Inside the IFC Shopping Mall - 

View from Sevva – when Jenie came to visit

Lan Quai Fong prepping for CNY

Dusk til Dawn…. typical

At the Hong Kong Urban Planning Exhibition Center – Part 3 of the community meeting

Largest Turnout !

Model of Hong Kong – well lit – Shanghai’s could learn a bit from this one…  

Crazy Shopping mall in Mongkok 

Another insane escalator, this time running up 8 flights

Dinner in Yaumatei-Mongkok Area


Duck Stand

Great Ambiance


Rooftop terrace somewhere in TST

View from the other side

HK Island in the background

Next stop: Seoul, South Korea

Holiday Season in Hong Kong

I keep getting reminded everywhere I go that the year is coming to an end. It doesn’t feel like it just yet- maybe it’s because I’ve been completely absorbed into the work culture. I can’t believe that in a week Christmas has come; my birthday has passed; we’ve survived the end of the world, and entered lucky year 2013.

The last couple of weeks have been in every way eventful….

Christmas Tree at Festival Walk

Lights Shining in Central (Admirality)

Mongkok Shopping Center

Went there on Dec. 23, possibly the worst possible day to go…

Bought a Muji Christmas Tree

Heads of the Office doing the Lucky Pig Ceremony

Central- Mid-Levels

View from the rooftop of the LKF Tower

Lan Quai Fong during Christmas Eve

People cueing to get into the LKF street! madness

Christmas Dinner at the East Hotel

Christmas Dinner at the East Hotel with new and old friends

Gobble Gobble

IFC Shopping Center with Tacky Christmas ornaments but nice choir

IFC Tower

View from above

Celebrating my December Birthdays at the Office

Happy Valley Celebrations

Birthday at Happy Valley

There go the horses

Fun evening continued….

And our group grew

Headed to another rooftop restaurant/bar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel

The group

Mini-Shanghai reunion

On the street, looking for a place to go

And then there was Wanchai

And Wanchai continued for a while….

Next morning Dim Sum treats

Followed by dinner in Central

Dec 31st, our ride to the next year.

Goodbye Hong Kong Island, see you in 2013.

Getting further….

And further….

And then closer…..

then BOOM

Welcome 2013


Phone ran out of battery soon thereafter. No pics to upload…  but i can say it was a whole lot of fun. Bring on 2013!



Hong Kong Around Town

New and old discoveries in HK::

Kowloon city – the best thai food in HK, only 5 minutes away.

Colleagues from work took me to this estate for lunch; the place translated to ‘fast cheap noodles’

Rush hour to get to TST from Hung Hom

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center – Daniel Liebeskind

Mongkok on a saturday night = hell


Cattle Depot Artist Village


Hong Kong Design Institute (awesome building; a pity most of the venue was closed)

“Colors of Asia” art exhibition @ HKDI

From Bauhaus to Globalization – exhibit on German design through the ages (and a lot of Porsche)

Couldn’t go up there…..

View from the overpass

Stanley Market

Stanley Promenade

Yes, I went to the beach in December. it was 27 degrees today!

Stanley promenade 2

Public sculptures on the promenade

Afternoon @ Stanley

Stanley promenade 3

Jockey Club Creative Arts Center Handicraft Creativity Fair – it was like a compressed 798 district. Awesome.

More of the Handicraft Fair.

Up to date- Hong Kong

Bought a smartphone, now photography-mobile everywhere I go. Maybe doing a little too much instagramming…..

 Shatin – It’s like being in a completely new city!

Shatin Racecourse

Christmas in HK

Design 2012 in Review – Hong Kong Heritage Museum


Detour 2012 – Old Wan Chai Police Station

Every Prison cell is an installation

Installation B

Observation Tower

 Bank of China Tower

View from the Peak

Bank of China tower at Night

Random rooftop terrace bar in Mongkok

Mongkok Madness

Circus comes to Festival Walk

My Team

MC’s for the Evening

Dinner Menu

Holiday Party at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center

Hong Kong Island

View from my office

Festival Walk Christmas Tree- 1 month in the making